The present charter aims to define the conditions of use of " Alidhan " game published by the society Zeffyr SARL. Any use or access to the game lead to the charter agreement.

1. General

1.1 It is strictly forbidden to utter insults of any kind on the various means of communication used by the game (forum, messaging and chat)

1.2 A legal entity can only have one account at a time.

1.3 Any behavior deemed contrary to the charter results in sanctions ranging from a simple warning to a permanent ban.

2. Designers and administrators

2.1 Game designers and administrators can, at any time, decide and apply modifications on the game without any ways of recourse being possible for the users.

2.2 Game designers and administrators engage themselves to hold the game and to update it, according to their time and resources.

3. Players

3.1 Players are asked to enjoy, have fun, and use the game. It is stictly forbidden to prevent another player from playing the game in normal conditions.

3.2 The creation of MCC is prohibited. A person who violates this rule takes the risk of having all his accounts banned.


3.4 Any attempt to cheat can be punished.

3.5 It is strictly forbidden to cheat, hack or take advantage of a bug. Any bug, security flaw, or else discovered by a player must be transmitted to administrators. Anyone who's taking advantage of a bug or a security flaw will be punished.

3.6 Any kind of unsporting behaviour will be immediately punished.

3.7 It is forbidden to play another character than its own.

3.8 This game is entirely free. Services offering the purchase of bonus in the game are not , in any case, mandatory

3.9 Giving or trading account is strictly forbidden. By subscribing, the player engage himself to be the only owner of the account that he created. Not respecting the $3.9 will lead to sanctions to culprits.

4. Act of payment

4.1 Some services can only be obtained after purchase. They are not, in any case, mandatory.

4.2 If a player uses one of these services cited in the $4.1, and that this one is not working properly, he will not be able to turn against game administrators. However, administrators declare to do the maximum to avoid such inconveniences.

4.3 Underaged have to ask permission to the owner of the phone, debit card or any other payment mean used in this game. Nothing coud be done to the site in the case where an underaged or disable person would use paying services of this site without agreement of its legal representative.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 In case of an incident independent of administrators will (access difficulties, data loss, ...), players could not turn against administrators.

5.2 At any time and for any reason, administrators reserve the right to stop the game or, delete the Web site wihtout warning

5.3 In any case untreated in this charter where administrators would not by 100% guilty, no action could be done against them.