• May The Great One forgives me for the hours and days that I will have to conceal from his glorious worship in order to relate the imperfect history of my land, the prosperous kingdom of Alidhan.

  • This prestigious country is ageless, a little few can remember its beginnings. From a simple castellany, Manelvor, the grandfather of the good King Mandural, successfully through his battles to federate and unify a Kingdom, wish was soon known for its Prosperity and peace.
    Its sweet climate, the tradewinds of the sea that lead to the occidental city of Nedmor, the ancient capital city, brings good harvest and well-trading strangers. It's not unusual, in the streets of the fortified port or in the uptown, to meet silk merchants that go to visit a noblewoman.
    Our forests are well stocked with game and some are favored by enchanters, and few rumors among peasantry whispers about vile sorcerers and evil spells.

  • Heir of an ancient bloodline of lords, King Mandural, may the Eternal protect him, had one of the longest and peaceful reign.
    When we mention the good King, we mean Mandural and his peaceful temper. Nothing could have trouble his quiescence, unless his sons: Kaldrass his first-born and Galoregor his four years younger brother. Has children, they were already opposites. Kaldrass, an obedient and respectful child, was calm, quiet and few focused on action. He learned with his father the difficult tasks of a monarch. Galoregor was also interested in this delicate art but thought that his elder was too weak to assume it and make of Alidhan one of the most powerful Kingdom of the world. And soon he criticized his father about his indulgence for the riffraff.
    The Queen died while giving birth to her second son, so the King was alone to raise them. Sad about their dissension, Mandural kept his throne as long as possible, refusing to choose between his legitimate inheritor, the older son, symbol of continuity and the ambitious younger that pressed him to abdicate on his favor to, as he said, restore the glory of the Kingdom.
    The closest and oldest counselor of the King, the commander Zelandra, which had great skills of administrator and diplomat, didn't gave any recommendation on this issue.

  • Mandural died. It was eight years ago. But his long old age has let the time to the twenty three years old intriguing Galoregor, to ensure the fidelity of the most part of the army and the nobility, promising conquests, gold and privileges.
    Kaldrass, confident and sure of his legitimacy, didn't suspect his young brother's machination and couldn't even ascend to the throne. Supplanted, he was banished and owe his life only to some the desertion of some loyal soldiers attached to the tradition that freed and led him to the ruined city of Fuisserage, at the east-south of the Kingdom. They built an headquarter that soon became a city with barracks and stores.It's there where the exiles are preparing to regain the throne.
    Refusing to choose a side and foreseeing a long civil war, Commander Zelandra fled to the north and built a well organized community that refused any authority. The plain of Cyrosh, watered by the Ceth river, soon became a real peasant city that attracted many partisans for Zelandra.

  • So was the passed times, but present time is still to happen. Each faction that I described are now fighting to unify the Kingdom under its own banner, and the future is still compromised. Great One, I return to my prayers while continuing to observe this civil war.